Our aim is to create leather bags crafted with the highest regard for sustainable and responsible production. We are uncompromising, on design and on sustainability.
We use real leather because we believe it is the best choice for making bags that last, both in terms of design and durability. We acknowledge that the leather industry is notorious for polluting. That is why we have selected collaborators who can demonstrate their efforts to minimize environmental impact while also maintaining fair conditions for the workers involved.
Sustainability is a fuzzy word. For us it is about walking the walk. It is about putting action behind the words, considering multiple stakeholders, and always aiming a little bit higher for the next round of production.


Our four guiding principles:  


No seasons, no sale
We embrace slow fashion and believe that products should be good investments for which design, comfort, functionality, and durability all go hand-in-hand. aagé is a response to the fashion industry’s constant focus on renewal, collections, seasons, and bi-annual fashion weeks. We offer carefully designed bags that each meet specific needs, and will last for a long time.


Quality materials
We have chosen only the highest quality components, from zippers, to thread, to reinforcement, to glue. The leather, our largest component, comes from Dani Sustainable Leather. Dani is a world-leading producer with a research-based approach to minimizing their environmental impact. Our hides are sourced from the EU, the tanning process comply with the highest environmental standards and, as well, the water consumption is lower than sectoral best practices. Dani has earned prestigious certificates, such as “Carbon Footprint”, "Environmental Product Declaration", "Golden M", “Der Blaue Engel” and “Leather from Italy – Full Cycle”.  Please click here to read more about Dani.


Keep it close 
From treatment of the hides to bag assembly, all is made in northern Italy. This reduces transport distances and makes it possible to maintain personal contact with all our partners. We trust them to care about the environment and their employees, and that allows us to promise you that an aagé bag is always crafted in a responsible manner.


Honest and transparent communication
We aim to be as sustainable as possible, and this means we will always be chasing after a moving target. As aagé navigates the ever-changing leather industry, we carefully research what will continue to make our bags a sustainable choice. We openly share these discoveries, because we believe in empowering our customers to make informed decisions.