Italian craftsmanship

italian craftsmanship

Creating a high quality bag does not happen overnight. For us it is the result of a lengthy process, which includes aesthetic inspiration and decisions, research on functionality, dialogue with women, constructing and developing the bag, and finally testing the prototypes and making adjustments. We develop our bags in close cooperation with our bag manufacturer, Niccoli, whose immense knowledge and craftsmanship is vital for making our bags the best they can be. Having been in the business for more than 30 years, Niccoli have learned practically everything there is to know about constructing high quality bags. This is why we continually turn to them for guidance.


Niccoli are a small, family-owned manufacturer located just outside Florence, Italy, today run by the second-generation owners Massimiliano and his sister, Vanessa. Over the years, Niccoli have worked with some of the most influential brands in national and international fashion, yet they have still managed to keep a humility and authenticity rooted in their family values and Italian ancestry. They are passionate about their local community and keeping the long and fine tradition of Italian craftsmanship alive.